About us

Montecanal Group has got 40 years of experience in the real state sector (land management and town planning, residential developments, leasehold estates), agri-food sector and financial investments.

At present we have7 offices in Spain (Zaragoza, Jaca, Toledo, Madrid, Valladolid, Sevilla, Valencia), and one office in Bulgaria (Sofia), Poland(Poznan), Canada (Calgary), and Bangladesh ( Dhaka).

We started operating in Bulgaria in 2005.

Our activities in Bulgaria include:

- acquisition and management of commercial areas. Up to this moment the Company owns and leases 6 shops and a commercial centre in Sofia on the basis of long-term rental agreements.

- development and market placement of buildings for residential use. The Company has completed and sales a mid-sized residential complex( MonteBoyana) located in a prestigious suburb of the capital with  a total of 14 700 sq..

- development and management of offices to let. The Company has acquired a plot in the heart of the city and intends to develop this prime location as a modern retail/office building to keep in its own books. Other projects are also in the pipeline.